Maintaining your Smoke Alarms

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Smoke alarms save lives. Without them in your home, your risk of death from a house fire is up to 3 times higher. Nearly half of all house fire deaths occur when people are sleeping.Fire and Emergency Services recommends all homes are fitted with photoelectric smoke alarms (not ionization types When you’re asleep, you lose […]

Choosing the right Heat Pump

thumb Choosing the right heat pump

With NZs summers heating up and Jack Frost still nipping at our toes during the winter months, it’s a no brainer that heat pumps are our most efficient and affordable solution.The question is ‘how do we choose the right heat pump and what to look for?A unit that is too small won’t cool or heat […]

Why should you have an Electrical Inspection?

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We recommend an Electrical Inspection to ensure your home or business’s wiring and electrical components are in good working condition & don’t pose a hazard to yourself, your family of your staff. WHEN IS AN ELECTRICAL INSPECTION NEEDED? -If your home is over 25 years old you may already be experiencing electrical faults like regular […]

How to improve your indoor air quality

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Most of us spend a large proportion of our lives indoors so it’s worth thinking about the quality of the air in our rooms. Indoor air pollutants can have a detrimental effect on your family’s health. Keeping the air clean and healthy inside your home requires care and preventive maintenance. A dirty heat pump can […]