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How to improve your indoor air quality

Most of us spend a large proportion of our lives indoors so it’s worth thinking about the quality of the air in our rooms. Indoor air pollutants can have a detrimental effect on your family’s health. Keeping the air clean and healthy inside your home requires care and preventive maintenance.

A dirty heat pump can be a significant threat to your health and wellbeing. Microbial pollutants can accumulate in your unit making the air that you breathe unsanitary. More so, mould and mildew can become a problem in bathrooms and kitchens, where humidity levels are typically higher than in the rest of your home.
There are some simple ways to support and keep clean and healthy air in your environment. Read on to find out more.
Buy indoor plants to freshen the air. Plants are the natural air filters of nature. They give off oxygen and breathe in carbon dioxide. Buying a few indoor plants can do wonders to improve your home’s indoor air quality while enhancing your home decor. Also, small plants such as ferns and lilies and larger palm trees are the best options for removing contaminants from the air.
Keep your rugs and carpets clean. Rugs and carpets do more than improve your home’s comfort. They act as their own air filters, trapping dust in their many fibers. Clean your carpets and rugs regularly, and they will continue to work for you, enhancing your home’s air quality.
Keep everything clean, especially your Air Conditioner. Heat pumps work to give your home the perfect temperature throughout the year. Did you know that your unit recycles the air within your room? Cleaning your unit annually (and more often if you use your unit regularly) ensures all the microbial contaminants are removed and it will extend the life of your unit and leave it smelling brand new!

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