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Switchboard Upgrades & Replacements

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Keep the lights on in your home with a switchboard replacement, upgrade, or installation. ABC Electrical will ensure your home is safe and complies with NZ Electrical Standards by providing expert service for switchboards in Auckland.
If you’re looking to replace an existing switchboard or have a complete house rewire, get in touch with ABC Electrical.

Trust ABC ELECTRICAL for Expert Switchboard Upgrades & Replacements

Talk to our experts about upgrading, replacing, or rewiring your switchboard system today. Our team will guide you through the best protection against electrical fires and safely, preventing short circuits, arc faults or even just those flickering lights. We’re your go-to for switchboards in Auckland.
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Why upgrade your switchboard?

Switchboards are the control centre for your home’s electrical circuits. They are the wire roads your electricity moves along as it travels through your home. A high-quality, modern switchboard is essential for ensuring your home’s electrical circuits are running efficiently.
Safety is the number one reason for ensuring your home is up to date with switchboard upgrades and replacements. Switchboards are circuit breakers, electrical protection devices that act in case of any electrical faults that could result in blow-outs or electrical fires.
Therefore, ensuring your switchboard is up to NZ Electrical Standards is key to keeping your home safe and switched on.
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Switchboard services

ABC Electrical provide installations of new switchboards as well as upgrades and switchboard replacements in compliance with NZ Standards to ensure electrical safety in your home.
Our professional electricians can replace electrical panels, re-wire, or completely replace your switchboard system for circuit protection on your switchboards and wiring.
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