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You will find answers to all of your most common Electrical Services related questions located here.
What size heat pump do I need for my home?
In our experience, there’s no real “rule of thumb” that can be applied to sizing. The unique properties of your home and the placement of your heat pump needs to be carefully considered. Essentially, you need to ensure your unit has enough KW to cope with the coldest air hottest day of the year. The very best way to accurately determine what size heat pump you need is to have a trained technician conduct an inspection.
How long does a heat pump last?
Generally, a heat pump will last about 10-15 years. However, it depends on the amount it is used and how well it is maintained and cleaned. Newer units have lasted even longer than 15 years.
When should I replace a heat pump?
When your system has been giving you problems and costing you a lot of money or it is approaching 10 years old and major parts need replacement, it is a good idea to replace your heat pump rather than fix it. New units will be more efficient and cost less to operate.
Does running my heat pump on dry mode really save me money?
That really depends on your heat pump and how hot or humid your room is.If the outside temperature isn’t extreme, let’s say it’s around 26 degrees, but it feels very humid, running your unit on dry mode at around 23 or 24 degrees is the best way to go.However, if you’re the sort of person who wants the temperature to be 18 degrees or less all the time, running your unit on dry mode doesn’t offer any cost-saving benefits.
Why is there water leaking outside from my external heat pump unit?
Relax! This is simply part of the normal condensation process. The majority of the water caused by the condensation will drain away out of the inside unit and down the drain pipe. You may notice a small puddle on the ground from time to time which will eventually dry up on a hot day. However, if you notice persistent dripping even when the heat pump isn’t turned on, then this is likely a sign of a problem and needs to be checked out by a heat pump professional. It may be a case of a blockage in the drain pipe, causing water to build up inside the unit, instead of flowing away freely to the drain.
How can I make my air conditioner work more efficiently?
Try the “organic” approach. You can do things like add curtains and blinds on all windows facing east and west. If possible, delay heat-generating activities, such as cooking & baking, until the evening on hot days. Your heat pump will also work most efficiently when you set it to a reasonable temperature. The general consensus is the following: 24 – 25°C in summer 16 – 19°C in winter Also, you can save considerably on your power bill for every 1°C of cooling or heating that you do without (around 10% per degree).
Why is there steam coming out of my air heat pump?
Relax! This is normal. It is simply caused by the cool air coming out of your air con meeting the hot humid air in the room and as a result forming water vapour.
Why is there a bad smell coming from my heat pump ?
The usual reason for this is that mould and mildew has accumulated inside your unit due to a lack of maintenance. However, the smell could also be caused by a deceased lizards or rodent having crawled inside your unit. If you are noticing a bad smell coming from your heat pump, it’s best to arrange for a HydroKleen technician to check it out.
Why doesn’t my heat pump start straight away?
This usually only happens in winter when the unit is in heating mode. What happens is that your heat pump first checks the temperature of the refrigerant (Freon) which is often in liquid form when it’s colder. Basically, the lower the outside temperature, the longer it takes for your unit to start up.
Should I always have the fan speed on high?
Only on hot dry days and nights. However, when the weather is particularly humid, you should set the fan speed on low for increased comfort. This will help to remove more moisture from the air and actually make your home cooler.
Does my heatpump come with a warranty?
When you purchase and install a heat pump with ABC Electrical, you’ll automatically be covered by two separate warranties: 1. Our installation warranty will run the duration of the manufacturers warranty. 2. The manufacturer’s warranty which is usually 5 or 6 years, depending on the brand.
But for your ultimate piece of mind we recommend a HydroKleen every 12 months. Manufacturers will deem your warranty void if a malfunction occurs due to a build up of mould, fungi, bacteria, dirt or debris not only on the filters but inside where yo can’t always see. HydroKleen page not only cleans but it extends the life of your unit, reduces power costs, maintains your warranty and keeps it running at optimal condition. HydroKleen are the global experts.
Would you recommend using a second hand heat pump?
In our experience in dealing with second hand units, definitely not. In most cases, second hand units are between 5 and 10 years old and probably obsolete. The filters will be worn and/or dirty and parts will be difficult and expensive to find. For total peace of mind, it is much better to buy a new heat pump and take advantage of the manufacturers warranty
Can excess dust cause problems with my heat pump?
Yes. Dust and dirt, Mould, fungi and bacteria build-up on the indoor coil is the single most common cause of poor efficiency in heat pump systems. Getting a regular HYDROKLEEN service for all your heat pumps will ensure that your system works efficiently when you need it most, and will continue to work for many years to come.
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